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LyfJellyfish: a podcast streaming conscious observation.

pretty much a product of the lockdown. as for so many blessings that blossomed during COVID or the pandemic, this creative outlook is by far my favorite fruitful outcome.

LJ is a ±20 min digest of space as perceived through the institutions of reason, science, technology, & the common sense of the dark and hidden side of human nature

A device that i’ve been longing for to express, unfold, create, concrete and shuffle through the boundless possibilities life keeps recycling

As i was planning the launch of this platform, i was contemplating, and it was paralyzing for a minute to outline my msg from this product, or my mission or vision, then i caught on to that just like anything in life this is not a destination it's a journey. So, adjust your expectations this vehicle will not promise a genre a mission or a statement, the performing expression serves as the soul definition.

I am still sorting through some tech issues, especially that i am Nomadic ATM, so this is far from studio polished and sound is admittedly echo-y. and i am still working on live streaming. BUT i thought rather than wait till i had everything perfect. which i am working on. i wanted to JUST begin and let it grow as i find my voice and legs, so to speak. it has been a hard launch, it has been a journey really just like everything else.

so far i am publishing mainly on IG (link above) and sound cloud.

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