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The container is designed to build a strong connection with nature, ancient healing techniques by practitioners and shamans from the deep jungles of Costa Rica. This experience includes plant base farm to table cuisine cooked by our amazing permaculture facilitator. You will  be invited to taste the various facets of herbalism , & what it takes to run and operate a community and a farm through an exposure to permaculture principles and ethics.


You will have the chance to experience an assortment of both the healing arts and permaculture while bathing and connecting with like minded people. One of this experience main missions is to connect with the soul tribe, finding like minded people to celebrate, express and share ten days immersion ceremony in deep self expression, and healing.


Accommodation at Macaw Lodge

2 Daily plant based farm to table meals

All transportation

Workshops, circles and talks in:

Regenerative farming






Women circles

Womb wisdom

Music & art therapy

Cacao ceremonies

Temezcal ceremonies

Daily Kundalini yoga

Daily sound baths

1:1 with healer and shaman


Macaw Lodge, Costa Rica

Hidden in the hills and lush forests, Macaw Lodge is a completely off-grid bio-corridor, botanical garden, bio diverse, agroforestry, cacao farm with its own private waterfall just 5min away from the lodge.

The Lodge, cabins and other buildings are all crafted of reclaimed or sustainably grown materials from the 264-acre oasis land and surrounding communities. 


Each room features two full beds with therapeutic mattresses and bedspreads woven by the Maya of the Guatemalan Atitlan area, a ceiling fan, a bathroom built from marble extracted processed locally, solar-heated water, towels and bed sheets made from bamboo fiber. The screened windows can be opened to welcome the refreshing breeze.

The lodge is a great model of sustainability where lovers of nature can experience both comfort and harmony with the environment.


Farm to table plant based cuisine cooked by our amazing permaculture facilitator from the plants grown around us. Two soulful meals will be served daily.


You will also be invited to taste the various facets of herbalism and what it takes to run and operate a community and a farm through an exposure to permaculture principles and ethics.


Is a ritual observances and procedures performed at grand and formal occasions. During the immersion experience we will  be holding space for Cacao Ceremony, and Temezcal. The intention of integrating these ceremonies to help us connect more with nature and the elements. Both Cacao and Temezcal are South American and Mexican Ancient traditions considered by today standards meditation and yoga considering the meditative and the union that takes place on a personal and collective level. The cacao ceremony uses CACAO locally harvested from the land by us,  then it will be processed organically in the cacao factory in Macaw Lodge , which then the practitioner will cook for us w pure water; cacao is full of magnesium and is used as a heart opener, and was traded as a currency during the Mayan Civilization. Temezcal will commence with collectively collaborating as a group to connect with the land and then build it based on permaculture practices and principles using natural materials from the land; the way and the process of building the Temezcal is considered a ceremony because it is practiced with respect to nature and connection to the elements and the seven direction which enhances our senses or direction and presence. Then we will enter the Temezcal (Sweat Lodge) as a group and the partitioner will chant using a native sounds and vibrations to detox the mental body and etheric body as will as the physical. 

The intention of incorporating the Cacao Ceremony and the Sweat Lodge is to practice spiritually connecting from the essence with the elements. to practice spiritually means to act from a place that's present. the reason why the spirit is connected always to the present moment is because the mind is a function of memory and patterns acquired from past experiences and impressions. 


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