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T.G.E.D is a consortium of multiple projects.


1. Project H was the first creation which was centered in the field of hydrating & self-sustaining the body with the vitamins & nutrients it has the need of, daily, through freshly juiced fruits + veggies.

Slow juicing & cold-press juices has been around for decades one of the classical methods to treat, preserve & defend the body against diseases like slow or weak immunity and/or cancer.

PROJECT H is no longer the center of creation of this cooperation, however, was an enriching experience. 

Presently and moving forward the centering subject of this platform is LYFJELLYFISH.

The work morphed organically to this creative flow LYFJELLYFISH is a new idea initiated in 2019. specifically in March 2020 I started to receive the call and inspiration to record and share my ideas and my inspirations.

My favorite way of producing art is through language. Sound is the single unite of creation. We speak our reality and cocreate w the powerful energies around us. How & why I think through language has been the way, and the source I have been creating through. I read this somewhere and it resonated with me: We are like icebergs, floating in a sea of immediate experiences but projecting into the air of language. Icebergs are four-fifths underwater and only one fifth above. 

Every successful technology of thought, be it science, philosophy, poetry is expressed through the medium of language. We are after all, sensorial creatures blinded by our inability to detect the myriad complex and fascinating processes that play out behind the doors of perception. 

So I am fascinated by language, to put it mildly.


What made me arrive at this platform, LyfJellyfish, is this unbearable curiosity of who I am, who I am in my community , and for my community, in other words, what my  purpose is?

LYFJELLYFISH podcast is a ±20 min digest of space as perceived through the institutions of reason, science, technology , common sense of dark and light of  hidden side of human nature. a device for me to express , unfold, create , co create and shuffle through the boundless possibilities life keeps recycling.


Until very recently LYFJELLYFISH has been exclusively a platform for podcasting or broadcasting the above.


And after an extensive introspective months-long-healing excursions, LYFJELLYFISH is extending a new arm to cultivate and cocreate containers to hold space for ceremonies and flow consciously in the realms of spirit and self help, growth and transportation.

LYFJELLYFISH EXPERIENCE is an arm of T.G.O.E.D to cultivate the space for healing and deep connection with the soul the source of all love and inspiration, the source of life. 

Remembering that nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason.

This design LYFJELLYFISH EXPERIENCE fosters & holds space where discipline, the urge to explain and capture and encapsulate, and surrender, the part of us that invites exposure to newness, and avoids dogma and the part that's willing to question everything, and the part that invites disorder bringing some cognitive disinhibition gets to roam the divine realm of conscious existence.

LYFJELLYFISH EXPERIENCE  space designed to allow for the dark, dense, deep energies to surface and be experienced rather than the default impulsive obsessive oppression that has been our birthright attitude that results from ignoring and condemning our nature, which is then the ground for fear, anxiety, hate, racism, depression, dogmas, traumas, and diseases.

LYFJELLYFISH EXPERIENCE is a flow space which is the butter-zone, the forever-box, the pocket as they call it, the space where information richness & effortlessness that's transpiring that you cease to feel the labour of existence. LYFJELLYFISH EXPERIENCE is a space to heal the heart, the center of existence, the foundation of all religions, the mecca of the spirit. 

I have been on a journey and I feel strong enough today to hold space for people's journeys, as they hold space for me for the larger test. 


and that's so for what this is  about, tbc..

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